It is since 1870 that the Losi, ancient family of winemaker in Chianti, are committed to produce high quality wines, until becoming advocates of  the Chianti Classico and sharing its big rise to fame. The family head of that time, Emilio Losi, was sensitive to what was happening in those years of change, he devoted himself to winemaking under the new rules dictated by the market. And so did Tranquillo, who as a mezzadro (sharecropper), dedicated himself especially to cultivation of vines and olive trees in the Fontino and Querciavalle farms, close to the Chartreuse monastery of Pontignano.



In 1954 Tranquillo Losi bought the Fontino and Querciavalle farms and founded the current Az. Agr. Losi wine estate. Together with his three sons, Carlo, Emilio and Alfiero, they ran the company in its early years.



In 1963, the Losi became members of the Chianti Classico wine Consortium and began bottling with their own brand. Continuing the work of their parents, the two cousins, Pietro and Paolo, with considerable investments, gave to the production an interesting direction line: awarding together quality and typicality.



In 1998, the Losi family bought the Pontignanello estate and in the same year Riccardo, Pietro’s son, just eighteen, began to work at the company.



In 2005, his sister Valeria started at the family business to develop sales with international markets.