The oldest vines of the Fontino estate were planted by hand in the 1950s by Tranquillo Losi. At that time, to prepare the soil, the only tools were spade and pickaxe or with mines for larger stones. At the end of the work, when the Sangiovese vines and other native grapes were planted, Tranquillo exclaimed “Here is the Vineyard of the Million!”.  Thus, he hoped to be able to earn his first Million Lire thanks to it.

The vineyards of the Querciavalle estate are located in what have always been called wine lands. That’s also where the first rows of Chianti vineyards were planted, in the 1940s with the most advanced techniques of the time, with high vine density to obtain higher quality. The vineyard is very well exposed to sun and with optimal soil for growing grapes. The latter is characterized by calcareous-marl clays deriving from the disintegration of rocks such as Alberese and Galestro. They are characterized by a particular concave shape, reminding the famous “Piazza del Campo” in Siena.

The Pontignanello estate, bought in 1998 by Pietro & Paolo, already bordering the Querciavalle estate is also characterized by soils typical of the area and native grapes.

The Losi family dedicated to San Brunone, founder of the Carthusian monks, some of their Chianti Classico and Super Tuscan produced from Sangiovese grapes and a small percentage of Merlot, also produced from their own grapes derived from vineyards planted in 2003.