The Losi estate is located at 320 meters above the sea level in the municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga and today consists of 50 hectares of land: 22 hectares are dedicated to the cultivation of vineyard and of these, 15 are registered as DOCG Chianti Classico.

The Losi family has taken care of these vineyards for many generations, which belonged in the past to the Carthusian monastery of Pontignano, as sharecroppers in the estate Fontino.

In Italy, sharecropping has represented an essential structural element of the rural society for several centuries, from the Middle Age to the 1960s, years when many Italians left the country side to work in cities. With the end of sharecropping, the Losi did not go away like most sharecroppers of the time.

In 1954, Tranquillo Losi decided to stay and bought from Certosa di Pontignano, the “Fontino” and “Querciavalle” estate, which he managed together with his three sons Carlo, Alfiero and Emilio.

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