Typical Tuscan Gift

Products typical of the ancient artisans and traditions of Chianti selected by the Losi family.

“Flavor” (taste) represents the cultural identities and legacy of traditional foods and specialties typical of every area. Convinced of this, the Losi Family  became ” The Artisan’s of Taste” with the duty of safeguarding the typical flavors and ancient knowledge and values. In particular, they have selected some products that represent the best traditional flavors of their region and propose that they be served with their wines so that the palate can rediscover a piece of history of the Chianti Region.

This Gift Basket is an ideal gift for friends, relatives and business partners; a triumph of color and antique tastes of Chianti Classico that characterizes the richness and quality of products expertly made by working artisans.



For four generations the Fabbri family, in their artisanal pasta factory in Strada in Chianti, a tiny suburb at the entrance  to Florence, have taken care of the secrets of pasta production. The drying is done with the use of a loom which requires a lot of time - 36/72 hours – and is necessary in order to retain the flavors and consistency of the pasta after cooking. The real secret is drying pasta at a low temperature – significantly less than 38 degrees – in order to avoid harmful processes that could cause deterioration of tasteful substances. All this guarantees an unaltered product of nutritional quality that’s rich in flavor and aromas of grain.




This ancient bakery of Ravacciano located near the center of Siena is a true institution, in fact, of sweets, and produces delicious desserts and pastries typical of the traditional gastronomy of Siena, as well as a special Tuscan bread call “sciocci”. All of these sweets are prepared respecting the ancient methods. In fact these recipes have been jealously handed down in time, confirming the pride of being artisans. The ingredients are carefully chosen: flour obtained from grain cultivated and milled in Tuscany; honey  produced by bees that are an integral part of our Chianti landscape, as well as the sugar and almonds – signifying high quality and freshness in the final products. Their sweets are descendants of tradition and gift the pleasure of a unique and unmistakable taste and flavor.



Four generations of the Rapaccini family take pride in their skilled craftsmanship in the production of their handmade pork products.  Rapaccini selects and prepares their meats personally from animals that have been raised from birth by local breeders with scrupulous attention paid to their feeding.  The Rapaccini butcher shop, that’s located in Ponte a Bozzone in the commune of Castelnuovo Berardenga, also prepares and sells products made of natural and vegetable ingredients without the addition of preservatives or colorants or sugar derivatives.  This assures that in all  their products one discovers the antique taste and flavors of the ancient civilization of rural Chianti.  Quality and typicality are the fundamental principals of the philosophy of the Rapaccini family that together with the sensory characteristics and the bond with the territory, uphold the nutritional values and the beneficial wholesomeness of the products.


The wines are available in wooden boxes, that make the product even more precious.