The wine cellars

The little old wine cellar

The company utiilizes three wine cellars. The oldest, located in the Podere Fontino, is used
for the malolactic fermentation and for the aging of the Superior Reserves of the Chianti Classico. The wine cellar belonged, in the past, to the Charthusian monks of Pontignano and then to the first ancestor of the Losi family. It is characterized by a small space, where the wine can only communicate with a few people: it talks through its typical aromas, colors and flavors about its transformation, made up of complex biochemical games.


The foundation wine cellar

This cellar was built after the company was founded in 1954 and is currently involved for the wine aging. Inside, it is full of quality barrels, which ensure the maintenance of our fine wines over time. On one side the big French oak barrels of 54 Hl are
used for the Chianti Classico aging, on the other side the French barriques that are used for the elegant Super Tuscans.


The new wine cellar

The new wine cellar, built in 1995, contains high-tech wine vats made of stainless steel with a capacity of more than 2400 liters. In this cellar there are several sections: one devoted to the various stages of the controlled must fermentation, another one for the new bottling line and, finally, one for storage. Here also are the tasting room and the office.