About us


The Philosophy of the Losi company is based on two fundamental principles, quality research and preservation of typical characteristics.  The secret to overcome the challenges of the market consist in the ability to combine tradition and innovation. The Losi company has succeeded in combining these two elements, maximizing the quality level of their wines and winning the even more aggressive market competition. The Losi’s produce great wine with high organoleptic value,  in line with the even more critical consumer demand.   This task is accomplished by the Losi family through the constant renewal of the vineyards and the improvement of the wine-making techniques. The renewal of vineyards takes place according to the tradition, planting clones of native vines that have been carefully preserved and handed down through generations as family patrimony. In replacing the old vines with the new ones, the Losi family favor
the spurred cordon system. Thanks to their great experience and optimal terroir, the Losi family succeeds in obtaining high quality grapes in their vineyards, an important prerequisite for a good wine. Finally, a permanent process of improvement and development of facilities and equipment in the cellar hasallowed a steady improvement in wine-making techniques.