Vin Santo of the Chianti Classico Querciavalle

Vinsanto 500ml pendaglio

Grapes: 50% Trebbiano Toscano 50% Malvasia del Chianti

Winemaking and Ageing: The grapes are carefully selected, giving a privilege to the entire grapes, in order to balance both the acidity and sugar content. The grapes are attached to wire until December allowing them to air dry naturally. After the weighing, the must is placed in small wood casks called “caratelli”. The alcoholic fermentation needs a long time. The ageing process in caratelli casks takes ten years.
Tasting notes: The appearance is bright gold yellow ; intense perfume with dried fruit hints. The taste is well structured and long lasting.


Download the complete technical sheet in pdf of  QUERCIAVALLE Vin Santo ENG